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If you have any questions, suggestions, or queries, we are here to help you with your problem. We have also Frequently Asked Question below so you can take a look if your question is already here. Feel free to discover our offers and send us your queries at support@theamerikamarie.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Incorrect Address, Phone Number, Name, and etc.,
The buyer has 24 hours to ask for editing the information. Any incorrect data like Name address etc., after 12 hours can cause an error in delivery and it will lead to delivery failure. Please make sure you entered the correct details for successful delivery. It is not refundable and can be re-delivered with an additional fee for the redelivery.
Expected Delivery Time
We take about 10 business days to create products because of its custom design. Then you should add shipping times on top of that. Speed and price depend on product type and destination.

97.66% of our orders are shipped within 5 business days. More than half of our orders are shipped within 3 business days or less.

The expected delivery time is 15 business days and can be prolonged due to COVID 19 pandemic.

Why My Item Was Shipped Separately?
Some products might be shipped separately because they are packaged differently. Shipping prices are cumulative, so when you’re calculating them, add up the different prices for all of the products you’re sending
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